Owner’s Biography


J. Rogelio Ortiz O. was born in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. His background from childhood in his natal town, to making his way through school and achieving a master’s in Human Resources until today as business entrepreneur and community leader; is most interesting.

Rogelio has held many progressively important responsibilities in several large companies and international corporations in the fields of union and government negotiations and administration.

Being born in a farm, at 14, he moved to Guadalajara to attend high school and working as Janitor to paid for his school and living expenses.  Working for a international company, at early age, he escalate positions until he got in charge 

of the Personnel Department; Benefits and union Negotiations Division. He got married at the age of 23.  At 26, he was Director of Industrial Relations Department for Cemex-Guadalajara. today, one of the world’s largest cement companies.

Mr. Ortiz is married to Mrs. Ruth Ortiz and they have three sons, who also were born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico: Rogelio Ivan Computer Engineer from

Cal Poly SLO, Christian Business Administration from Hass School Berkeley and Cesar A.  International Business and Political Science in the languages of Japanese, Spanish and English in San Diego State University & Oxford University.

Rogelio came from Mexico to United States in1987, with his wife and three children, looking for a better opportunity; after his business in Mexico could not survive the peso’s devaluation in 1986.

Being in this country, Mr. Ortiz had his beginning working in the field and maintenance shops until he went to take English classes at U. C. Davis; in the main time that he was working as busboy in a Mexican restaurant in Sacramento area.  From there, he escalates to waiter, assistant manager and manager positions until one year went by and he was able to purchase his first little restaurant in Cameron Park, CA in the year of 1989.   In 1993, Mr. Ortiz build Mision Rogelio-Folsom, his second restaurant; in 1995 Mr. Ortiz did complete the construction of  Mision Rogelio-Gold River; in 1998 he build Mision Rogelio-Birdcadge and in 2002 he finished the construction of his fifth restaurant, Mision Rogelio at Roseville, CA., 

Mr. Ortiz is working at present time on the preliminaries of his new business in the field of brokerage/traders, which represents his new challenge.  The goal of this new organization will be to represent companies or organizations in their efforts to make business in either Mexico or USA.

Rogelio is enormously proud to state that he provides jobs for many families and a high percent of them are Mexicans because they all have a great deal of discipline, responsibility, and hard-working ethics.

His chain of restaurants is unique, very well presented and organized elegant and reasonable, where the main goal it is to offer a statement of what our real Mexico is.  For that, Mr. Ortiz import pretty much everything from Mexico.

the china it is hand made a custom made for the restaurants, as well the glass glasses, absolutely all the furniture is hand carved, hand made and hand painted for all the restaurants, the chandeliers, the cantera and water fountains, etc. 

His most Recent business adventure is into the Mortgage Business which is at the preliminary steps and there is not doubt that is coming to be another success. 

R. Ortiz is very involved in the community and in the past has been served as Vice-President for the Centro Cultural Mexicano, as President for the Comité Patriotico Mexicano de California (for several years) , Chairman of the Board of the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, member of the program “Improve Access to Justice” at the Superior Court of California – Sac. and board member for numerous non-profit organizations.  

Mr. Ortiz is also the Director and organizer of the event of “Exchange of Flags” between the State of California and Mexico, in celebration of the Mexican Independence Day in Sacramento, CA.  

He has been a strong and acting supporter of the SHCC Business Trade Missions to Mexico for the last 10 years.

Mr. Ortiz has been recognized by various newspapers, magazines, organizations, and government institutions due to his business endeavors and his strong community involvement.

Rogelio has received in 1992 the “Businessman of the Year” award from the Shingle Springs Chamber of Commerce.   The Family Album in 1993 from The Sacramento Bee and  the  “Businessman of the Year” award for the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in 1997.On March 21, 2001 and May 25, 2006, Mr. Ortiz was invited to  represent the Mexican Community in welcoming the Mexican President Vicente Fox during his visit to California; the first time was invited by Governor G. Davis and Lt. Governor Cruz  M. Bustamante and the second time was by invitation from the General Mexican Consulate and the administration of Governor Schwarzenegger.